CLA – School Rules

NOTE: Students are responsible to know the following rules. Specific violation shall result in an automatic detention.


1. Show proper respect for those in authority by addressing them with correct titles and a respectful tone of voice. Be polite to all, regardless of their status.  There should be no “name-calling” of fellow students regardless of age or provocation.

2.  Obey instantly those in authority. If you have a reasonable question concerning a command, ask with a humble spirit and submissive voice.


3. There is to be no cheating on tests, quizzes, or assignments at any level.

4. Use proper language at all times. This means no profanity, or obscene or vulgar language or gestures.

5. Students are to keep a proper respectful distance from the opposite sex; this means no holding hands, arms on shoulders or waist, embracing, kissing, etc.


6. Show respect for school property by treating it as you would your own home. There should be no writing on school property of any kind.  The classrooms and grounds should be kept neat and clean – trash cans should be used.  Show respect for others’ personal property by getting permission before using it, not stealing or defacing it.

7. Students should not bring to school OR ON FIELD TRIPS, any toys, games, tape-players, magazines, radios or other recreational materials unless prior permission has been granted. Knives, guns, or any other weapons are not to be brought to school.  All such things may be confiscated and kept until the end of the school year.  (If there is a necessity for such things to be brought for a useful purpose after school, they should be turned in to the office for safe-keeping during the school day.)

8. Students may not bring to school: Cell phones, gum, tobacco, alcohol or non-medical drugs of any sort. (If a student must use medical drugs during the school day, the Administration must be notified by the parents.)  This holds true for any school function.  With the exception of chewing gum, possession, use or distribution of any of these on or off the school grounds and while in school uniform may result in immediate suspension.  Students may come to school with a cell phone, but must leave it with the office during school hours.

9. High School students must keep their lockers neat, and only have items in them which relate to school work.


10. Students are not to arrive at school before 7:00 and are to be in their seats by 7:55 a.m. They are to return to class promptly from recess.  High school students are expected to move from one class to another promptly when a class is dismissed.  Students are also expected to leave by 2:00 on Monday – Friday unless permission has been granted to remain at school later

11. Students will receive a “0” on all missed assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. for any unexcused absence or unexcused tardiness.

12. Students are to be in class whenever class is in session. If they are out of a class, they must have a “Student Pass” from the secretary or the teacher of the class they are excused from.  In the elementary school toilets are to be used in accordance with the rules of the classroom.  In the high school the toilets should be used during recesses.  The canteen is to be used only during the recess, which is the only time that should be used for eating or drinking..

13. Students are not to leave the school grounds after arriving at school until they are departing for home.

14. Students are not allowed to play cards at any time during the school hours of 7:55 AM to 1:15 PM.


15. Students are responsible to know and to uphold the dress code of CLA. A copy of the dress code may be obtained from the office.  When the uniform is not required, the general dress code must still be kept.

16. Students are expected to be in uniform at all times unless PRIOR permission is given. The generally accepted exceptions are for honor roll students on Fridays.  In grades 7-12 permission for street dress must be obtained from the office, and not from the homeroom teacher.  When in street clothes boys over the age of 10 are expected to be dressed in long pants and shirts with sleeves and without any print.  Pants must be “normal fit” (no baggy or low crotches).  Girls are expected to be in loose-fitting skirts (or pant-skirts) which come below the knees.  Blouses must be modest, not tight fitting, and without low-cut necks.  Bare feet, high heels, and slippers are not permitted. “Sandals” must have a heel strap or they are considered to be “slippers.”