As of August 2023, the monthly school fees are (or SRD equivalent):

Grade Level Fee
Elementary (K4 – Gr. 6) $75.00
Elementary (ESL) $85.00
High School (Gr. 7 – Gr. 12) $90.00
High School (ESL) $105.00

The book rental fees are $90.00 per semester.

In addition to these fees, students will have their fees doubled if they indicate that they are not in school for the purpose of learning.  Such indications would include irregularity in attendance, failure to take responsibility in making up work when absent, and not behaving in a proper manner when in school.

The Administration.

School Uniform Pattern & Dress Code


  1. Appropriate skirts must be worn until your new uniform is ready.  Jeans or slacks are NOT allowed during this waiting period.  A jumper with one inverted pleat in the front must be worn.  It must be below the knees and loosely fitting under all circumstances.  The material color must be navy blue.  This material is available at Beyrouth Bazaar.  (Please see the pattern).
  2. The blouse with button down front, collar and short sleeves must be made of plain white polyester/cotton material. Printed white material is unacceptable.  This blouse is to be “buttoned up”.  CLA “T-Shirt” may also be worn.  These are available at the office.  No body fitting tops are allowed.
  3. Girls from grade two and below may wear a pleated skirt from the waist with straps (back-to-school) with the designated blouse mentioned in number 2. (See Pattern)
  4. Only one earring per ear is allowed. It must be a stud or a short hoop; long dangling earrings are not  No bracelets, ankle bracelets or jewelry are allowed.
  5. Rings or studs in the nose, tongue, or any other visible parts of the body are NOT allowed. Tattoos must be covered at all times.
  6. Hair may NOT be bleached/dyed/streaked/frosted, etc.
  7. Clear nail polish only.


  1. Shirts for boys should be made from plain white. The shirt must be “buttoned up” and tucked in their trousers at all times.
  2. Trousers must be navy blue. Only blue jeans are allowed, but “patched up”, faded, or fringed jeans are NOT allowed.  Trousers/Jeans must be “easy-fit” NOT baggy or tight.  The pants must be worn above the hip.  Up to the sixth grade, boys may wear short trousers.
  3. Boys are not allowed to wear any kind of ring or stud in the ear while on school property or while participating in school sponsored activities.
  4. Boy’s hair must be a normal (conventional) cut; bleached or dyed hair is NOT allowed.  “Tails” or designs cut in the hair are NOT allowed.


The school uniform is to be worn on all school days, while on school grounds, except when otherwise announced by the office.  On those days, the students are allowed to wear something other than the school uniform.  However, their clothing should be modest and decent, and MUST still conform to the school dress code (no pants for girls, etc.).If ankle length skirts are worn, the slit should be NO higher than below the knee and the skirt should be loose fitting.  Blouses may NOT be sleeve-less or see-through.

Students who are on the honor roll are given a concession to wear something other than the school uniform on Fridays.

However, their clothing should be modest and decent, and MUST still conform to the school dress code (no pants for girls, etc.).

If students are not sure if their clothes conform to the dress code, they must be responsible to check with the office before coming to class.  If students do not dress according to the dress code (on the last Friday of the month, or as honor roll students) they will lose their privileges and be required to be in uniform only.

Repeated violations of the school dress code may result in suspension and possible expulsion from school.